Rag Quilts

Hi everyone!

Is there anything more cozy than snuggling under a quilt or covering up and tucking in your little ones as they go to sleep? How about with a rag quilt? These quilts have three layers ~ a top, batting and a backing and are made using flannels and/or cottons. The quilt is made of squares sewn together with the raw edges sticking out which are then closely clipped and then the quilt is washed and dried to create the signature ragging. It will continue to get softer and cuddly with each washing. Some of the quilts also have machine or hand embroidered squares. Rag quilts make a wonderful gift for any loved one {or yourself} on any occasion ~ new baby, wedding, housewarming or “just because” gifts! Pictured are just a few that are now available at Sparkling Dahlia in Carstairs or by contacting me directly.


IMG_9   IMG_10   IMG_11  “Enchanted Cottage” {50″ x 65″} IMG_290   IMG_289   IMG_291 “Summer Time” {55″ x 68″} FullSizeRender  “Boy” {35″ x 47″}

I am currently awaiting an order of new fabrics and batting that will be turned into new creations. Stay tuned!

Until next time,


The Country Touch

Website: http://www.thecountrytouch.weebly.com

Email:        ctrytch@telus.net


One comment on “Rag Quilts

  1. Kim HENDERSON says:

    Nicely done ~ as always, Erin!
    Hope your quilts sell for you 🔜♥️

    Sent from my iPhone



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