Kraft Bakery Bags

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased a very large box of kraft bakery window bags. Does anyone need some? They measure 3 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 7 3/4” when open, have laminated poly liners to keep the contents fresh, and metal tabs that allow easy opening and a secure closure. The round plastic window is 1 7/8″ diameter. These handy little bags can be used for dry goods storage, coffee, tea and are also nice to dress up to give away homemade goodies for the holidays or special occasions.

I will be packaging these up in sets of 10 for $3.00/set. There will be 10 sets available and will be for pick up only.



Until next time,


The Country Touch




One comment on “Kraft Bakery Bags

  1. Kim HENDERSON says:

    Wow- where did you get those?
    I would take a pkg of 10 next time I see you 😊

    Thanks! K

    Sent from my iPad



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