DIY Washi Tape

Hi everyone!

Washi tape is becoming very popular for paper crafting. It can be added to any project ~ a scrapbook layout, cards, journal pages and even tags. But we don’t always have on hand the right color needed. Or maybe a pattern in the paper collection we’re using.  So how about a tutorial for how to make your own washi tape? I used patterned paper but paper napkins, wrapping paper or tissue paper  would work well also. It’s very easy!

*Please note: this tape is much stickier than store bought washi tape and is not easily removeable from a project for repositioning. If you are unsure of where you want washi tape to be on your project, I would suggest using the real thing. Also, if you use patterned paper such as cardstock, it will be thicker and stiffer than regular washi tape. By using paper napkins, wrapping paper or tissue paper, the result will be much thinner and softer.

You will need: double sided tape{any width}, waxed paper, patterned paper or wrapping/tissue paper or paper napkins, scissors, cardboard tube, twist tie or small binder clip.



Put strips of the doubled sided tape onto the waxed paper and lay the patterned paper strips on top. {There is a piece of double sided tape with backing and a piece of regular double sided tape in the middle of the waxed paper sheet ~ they are a bit hard to see in the picture}. You could also just stick the paper onto the sticky side of the tape with the backing ~ this would eliminate the need for the waxed paper. Either way works.IMG_1646

 Cut any excess waxed paper off of your tape.
Cut the cardboard tube to the width of your washi tape and wrap the tape around it.
Secure it with a twist tie or small binder clip.

Just peel off the waxed paper when you are ready to apply.


And there you have it ~ coordinating washi tape for your projects! I hope you will give this a try 🙂


Until next time,


The Country Touch




2 comments on “DIY Washi Tape

  1. Kim HENDERSON says:

    You are SO clever Erin – how ingenious is that?! Cheers, Kim

    Sent from my iPad



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