Technique Tuesday #11

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this weeks Technique Tuesday. Each Tuesday I share a technique that can be applied to many forms of paper crafting ~ card making, scrapbooking, albums and tags.


I’m always looking for ways to make unique background papers. This week’s technique combines machine embossing with wax paper that results in a resist effect.

You will need: card stock, waxed paper, piece of folded copy paper or paper towel, die cutting/embossing machine, embossing folder, iron, ink and  a piece of sponge or a sponge dauber.



Start by picking an embossing folder with an all over type pattern for best results. I used the Sizzix “Lacy Brocade” embossing folder for this example. Cut a piece of waxed paper the same size as the folder.



Next, insert the waxed paper piece in your folder and run it through the die cutting/embossing machine. It will look like this after embossing.

IMG_1760   IMG_1761


Place the embossed waxed paper on top of the cardstock inside the folded copy paper or paper towel to avoid getting wax on the iron. Select the “cotton” setting on the iron with no steam. It only takes a few passes across. You do not want to iron too long as it will cause the melted wax to lose it’s pattern. The cardstock may bend a bit, but don’t worry, it will flatten once it is attached to your project.

IMG_1762   IMG_1763


Remove and discard the wax paper. Begin sponging on your ink color of choice starting at the edges and using a circular motion. Apply enough ink to get an even color.

IMG_1765    IMG_1766

IMG_1769   IMG_1776

The last step is to cut your background to size and use it on your project 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this weeks technique. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. See you next time!

Until next time,


The Country Touch






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