Tuesday’s Tip #6

Hi everyone!

Welcome to today’s Tuesday’s Tip. These posts are tips about different products, crafting and also ways of stretching the supplies that you already may have. I alternate Technique Tuesday and Tuesday’s Tip just to change things up a bit.

Today I want to share with you some paper crafting tricks that may help to save money on paper crafting supplies.

#1} Smart shopping! ~ 1} Watch for sales at your favourite crafting store. Often stores will have “buy one and get one free or half price” sales, end of season sales and holiday sales. 2} Be sure to use coupons whenever you can ~ the savings really do add up! Michael’s usually has weekly coupons. 3} Browse the dollar stores. You can get some great crafting items here. 4}Check out online stores. Sometimes there will be a discount or free shipping for first time orders or often the company will offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. 5}Whether shopping in an actual store or an online one, always check out the clearance section. There are often great deals!



#2} Ink Blending ~ If you want to try some ink blending techniques such as shading backgrounds or distressing the edges of card stock, use the triangular make up sponges or cut up a round sponge into small wedges. Then attach binder clips for handles instead of purchasing sponge daubers or ink blending tools. Your fingers will stay clean and you can have a sponge for each color of ink in your collection. You can then put them in a plastic lidded box for storage. *Inexpensive fishing tackle boxes with seperate compartments work fantastic!



#3} Embellishments ~ Custom embellishments such as pearls and rhinestones can be costly especially if you want a large variety of colors. If you have Copic markers or Sharpies, use these to color white/cream pearls and clear rhinestones to coordinate with your project {permanent markers must be used or the color will just rub off}.



#4} Paper Banners ~ Paper banners are a popular addition to paper crafting these days. Instead of purchasing a banner punch just for this purpose, use a square punch to cut a banner end in a piece of card stock. Or if you don’t have a square punch, make a small pencil mark in the middle of the card stock near the end, cut each corner at an angle up to the mark and there you go ~ a paper banner!



#5} Punches ~ Punches can dull from use over time. Instead of going out and replacing a punch once it’s dull, try punching a few times through a piece of tim foil. This is not a guarantee that it will be sharp again but it is worth a try.



#6} Save those scraps! ~ Be sure to save leftover scraps of card stock from projects. Even the smallest pieces can turn out to be useful for punching small images, paper pieced back grounds, turned into confetti for shaker cards or recycled into handmade paper. Strips of paper can be turned into borders using edge dies or decorative scissors.



#7} Substitutions ~ There are many ways to substitute paper crafting items by things you may have in your home already. These are just some examples: 1} clear nail polish will add shine and dimension to embellishments and is much less expensive than Glossy Accents. 2} Instead of buying a stylus for dry embossing or paper scoring, try using a ballpoint pen that has run out of ink. 3} A mouse pad works great as a paper piercing/stamping mat. You can even pick these up at the dollar stores. 4}Use the eraser end of a pencil for stamping perfect small circles.



#8} Share with a crafting buddy ~ We don’t always need 100 feet of baker’s twine! How about split the roll {and the cost} with a friend?



I hope that you have found these tips helpful and will give some a try. Happy crafting 🙂



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Until next time,


The Country Touch

Website: http://www.thecountrytouch.weebly.com

Email: ctrytch@telus.net


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