Homemade Potpourri

Hi everyone!

The potpourri you buy at the store can sometimes have a very artificial scent that can be overpowering. Making homemade potpourri is fun and you can really customize it to your own preference and also use things from your yard or garden. Remember, potpourri is not just about the scent but also the variety of textures and colors. It can work as a deoderizer in the kitchen or bathroom and also really brighten up a table or hutch when placed in a pretty container, jar or basket. The amount of ingredients will vary according to your own personal preference and what is available to you. Here are some of the things that I put in mine:


*Dried apple and orange slices   *Cinnamon sticks   *Whole Cloves   *Seed Pods

*Dried Leaves   *Rose Hips   *Bay Leaves   *Flower Petals   *Juniper Berries   *Bark

*Pine Cones   *Salt Dough Mini Cinnamon Rolls   *Nuts {in shell}   *Fragrance Oils


Please note: I have just pictured some of the ingredients that can be added to potpourri.


There are no exact measurements for the ingredients. But typically I use bigger handfuls of the larger items ~ dried fruit slices, pinecones, cinnamon sticks and nuts. Then less of the smaller and/or colorful items ~ cloves, bay leaves, flower petals, rose hips etc. I put everything into a large glass or metal bowl{don’t use plastic}, add the fragrance oil {add gradually ~ you can always add more but you can’t take it back} and very gently fold until well combined. Then it’s ready to put in small containers to display or you can even package it up nicely as a gift!


All mixed up and smelling yummy!



“Prim Pumpkin” Potpourri


I hope that you will try making your own potpourri. This is even a project that you can get the older kiddos involved with ~ go out together looking for things found in nature that can be used and let them help you whip up a batch!


Please keep these important things in mind:

*Keep away from very small children and pets. This is not for eating!

*Be sure that whatever container the potpourri is displayed in, it can handle the oils that are added. For example, glass/ceramic containers, plastic lined baskets or well sealed wood bowls.

*Do not allow direct contact with fabrics or furniture.



*As stated in the instructions, very gently fold until thoroughly combined. Avoid stirring roughly as this can break some of the more fragile ingredients such as leaves and flower petals.

*Empty jars or zip lock bags work well for storing when not in use. Be sure to keep whatever storage method you use for the potpourri only as the scents may transfer to other items.

*Kraft bakery bags {lined} or mason jars tied with raffia, twine or ribbon make pretty containers for potpourri. Add a tag and you’ve got a gift ready to go 🙂

*You can always add little extras to the potpourri to make it more seasonal. For example, tiny faux pumpkins for fall and rusty jingle bells for Christmas. I’m not sure if the shiny gold and silver bells would discolor so I use the rusty ones to be on the safe side. *And if the rusty bells get a light coat of sealer, they will not make the potpourri smell rusty.



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