Primitive Tea Lights

Hi everyone!

Fall and winter are approaching and so is the season for candlelight. The glow and flickering from candles gives a cozy feeling to the home but with that is the worry about having them tip over and start a fire. Especially with small children and pets. So the next best thing are battery operated candles. I picked up a package of tea lights at Michael’s but they look quite plain so I decided to “prim” them up a bit.

You will need: battery operated candles {tea lights or votives}, clear silicone, throw away containers, popsicle sticks or skewers {for mixing}, white glue, small paint brush, cinnamon/spices, parchment or waxed paper.



*Please note: silicone does have a fairly strong smell. If you are sensitive to smells or don’t want that smell in your home, I would suggest doing these under the stove hood fan or outside and then letting them dry in the garage or shed. Even a basement cupboard or closet would work to keep the smell at a minimum.

Put some clear silicone in the throw away container {such as a single serving yogurt cup cut down to size}. With a popsicle stick/skewer mix in some cinnamon/spices. Just mix it until it’s smooth and a nice brown color that you like.



It will look like this.



*Please note: when using silicone, be sure to have your work surface well covered with newspaper, cardboard, etc. Please take care not to let it come in contact with anything such as the counter top or clothing. IT DOES NOT WASH OUT.

Take the candles one by one and dip each flame. I just stuck it down into the silicone, swirled it and pulled it straight up. This will give the flame a nice tip. Place on the parchment/waxed paper. These need to dry very well before the next step. I let them dry for approximately 24 hours. It may take longer depending on the brand of silicone used and the humidity/temperature level in the home.
Once the silicone flames are dry, mix together some white glue and cinnamon/spices. This can be mixed in a little bowl {as long as the white glue used is washable with soap and water} or just in a puddle on the parchment/waxed paper.
Brush the glue/spice mixture onto the candles taking care not to touch the silicone flame or get any on the underside of the candle. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle on additional spices and set on parchment/waxed paper until thoroughly dry. Repeat this step until the candle looks just right to you. This is what they will look like after the sprinkling of the spices. They just need to dry now. Don’t worry if there are little bits of extra dried glue/spices along the bottom edge. This just adds to the prim look!
 Now you’ve got primitive tea lights to add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home this fall and winter 🙂
*If you find that you can’t get the tip dipped all the way to the bottom of it, you can use a toothpick or small brush to spread tiny bits of silicone along it until it is completely covered.
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Until next time,


The Country Touch




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