Halloween Stacking Boxes

Hi everyone!

These little paper mache boxes are fun to use to decorate for different holidays and can even store small decorations when the holidays are over. Have a set on the kitchen counter or maybe on an entry way table to welcome guests with a treat or two. Or how about give as a gift to someone with a birthday at holiday time!


You will need: set of paper mache stacking boxes {round or square}, patterned papers, ruler, cutting tool of choice, paints {coordinate with papers}, paint brush, adhesive, 4 round wood beads {these get attached to the underneath of the bottom box}, hot glue gun/glue stick, stickers {optional}, ribbon {optional}, sand paper {optional if you want a distressed look}, inking sponge/ink {to touch up the lid sanding}, paper to protect your work surface when painting.



There are 2 different ways to decorate the boxes.  #1} Paint the outsides of the boxes and lids. Use a strip of patterned paper around the outside edge of the lid and add stickers to the fronts of the boxes or #2}  Cover the boxes with patterned paper. Paint the lids a solid color or add paper to the top of the lid/paint around the outside edge of the lid. The choice is yours. I ended up doing some of each method and also did some distressing on the boxes.

*Please note: Whether you choose to paint the boxes or not, it is a good idea to paint the wood beads at the start of this project so that they have lots of time to dry before attaching to the bottom box.


I painted all 3 boxes/lids and 4 beads black and let dry overnight. As you can see, I wasn’t too fussy about not getting paint over the edges to the insides as I plan to display them stacked with the lids on.



Green, white and orange paint was applied lightly over the black boxes. It ended up looking more like a wash than a solid coat of paint. Once thoroughly dry, I lightly sanded the surfaces to let some more of the black show through. Wipe off the dust with a soft dry cloth.




Trace around the lids onto patterned papers and carefully cut out the circles. Adhere to the tops of the lids. Once the paper was glued on, I used the sandpaper to sand the joins between the paper and lids just to smooth and distress them. If the sanding takes off any paint, you can either touch it up with more paint and small brush or use an inking tool/ink to sponge the edges. The outside edge of the lids may be left black or a solid color of ribbon can be glued on. *Please note: tape runner or double sided tape works the best for adhering the paper to the lids as a liquid glue can cause bubbling or wrinkles. But a liquid glue could be used for the ribbon if used sparingly.

IMG_2523   img_2528



Making sure any joins are facing the back, add the stickers to the front of each box. Then, with the hot glue gun, glue on the 4 beads to the underneath of the bottom box. *Please note: as with any project using a hot glue gun, please be careful! Serious burns can occur if skin comes in contact with the hot glue.



*Be sure to check the dollar stores for the paper mache boxes, patterned paper and paints needed for this project. I got the K & Company Halloween stickers at Dollarama for $1.25. What a deal! 🙂

*Swiffer cloths work great for wiping off the dust from any sanding.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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9 comments on “Halloween Stacking Boxes

  1. cs.bullock says:

    These are really cute boxes!

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  2. Kim HENDERSON says:

    Beautiful! Nice job Erin 🙂

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  3. Oooh! I like your tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration 😉 My mind is churning now…I’m thinking Christmas boxes or a cute retro set for the kitchen!


  4. I’ll do that, thanks. 🙂 You have an awesome day too.


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