Tuesday’s Tip #10

Hi everyone!

Welcome to today’s Tuesday’s Tip. These posts are tips about different products, crafting and also ways of stretching the supplies that you already may have. I alternate Technique Tuesday and Tuesday’s Tip just to change things up a bit.

No matter what sort of paper crafting a person does, there is always scraps left over. So, instead of just throwing them away, I want to share with you some ways to use up those paper scraps. I have a basket beside my desk that all the scraps, both card stock and patterned paper, go into. *Please note: it is a good idea to always check scraps before cutting into a brand new sheet of card stock or patterned paper.

These are some ideas I have for putting card stock scraps as well as patterned paper scraps to good use. See what you can come up with and feel welcome to share.


#1}Strips ~ work great for cutting into borders. Use either border dies or decorative scissors.

#2}Photo mats ~ photos look nice when backed with a mat. If there isn’t a piece of paper big enough for a photo, you can always piece some together. Perhaps four squares that coordinate ~ just tape them together from behind to make a mat.

#3}Tags ~ tags don’t require large pieces of paper. Use a tag punch or cut out by hand some tags to add to gifts, scrapbook layouts or journals.

#4}Bookmark ~ add a handmade bookmark to a new book or gift card for a book store and it’s a great gift for a book lover.

#5}Handmade paper ~ making handmade paper is a great way to make use of paper scraps.

#6}Pull tabs ~ use a tab punch or hand cut some pieces of paper to attach to the end of a tag as a pull tab.

#7}Stickers ~ punch out or fussy cut shapes or images from any paper and run through a sticker maker. Or, if you don’t have a sticker maker, double sided tape would work as well.

#8}Decorate clothespins ~ use little scraps to adhere to the tops of clothes pins and use them for holding hotes, cards or art work on a wired frame. Or attach strong tiny magnets on the backs to use as fridge magnets.

#9}Cover letters or shapes ~ perhaps you have some chipboard letters or shapes in your stash but you would like to coordinate them with your project. Cover the surface of the piece with adhesive, place the paper on and carefully cut out with a sharp craft knife. You can then use a fine grit sand paper or file to gently smooth the edges after cutting.

#10}Confetti ~ punch out tiny shapes for confetti to add to a shaker card.

#11}Lunch box notes ~ what a nice surprise for someone to open their lunch bag and find a tiny note hidden inside. Maybe say “I love you”, “thinking of you”, “have a great day”, “you’re a super kid”, etc. There are endless possibilities!

#12}Shred for packaging ~ if you have a paper shredder, shredded scraps would be perfect for lining a gift basket.

#13}Give to a new crafter ~ a new paper crafter would be thrilled with a nice assortment of paper scraps!

#14}Embellishments ~ die cut or punch shapes {butterflies, hearts, flourishes, flowers, etc.} and layer them to make dimensional embellishments. Please feel free to check out this blog post: https://thecountrytouch.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/technique-tuesday-10/

#15}Swap with a friend ~ it’s always nice to share crafting products with a friend!

#16}Banners ~ to make the triangular pieces for a banner, use a triangle punch or a square punch {cut each in half diagonally to make two triangles}. You can also cut them out with scissors. Attach them along a string {this can be yarn, embrodery floss or bakers twine} with liquid glue or glue dots and fasten a pre-made bow to each end. A banners spelling out the baby’s name is a nice addition to a baby scrapbook layout or card.

#17}Donate to a pre school or kindergarten class ~  little ones love to craft. Ask at your local school if they would accept a donation of papers.


I hope some of these ideas are of some help to all of you paper crafters out there 🙂


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Until next time,


The Country Touch

Website: http://www.thecountrytouch.weebly.com

Email: ctrytch@telus.net


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