Technique Tuesday #22

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this weeks Technique Tuesday. In these posts I share a technique that can be applied to many forms of paper crafting ~ card making, scrapbooking, albums and tags. I alternate Technique Tuesday and Tuesday’s Tip just to change things up a bit.

This week’s technique: PAPER NAPKINS + PLASTIC WRAP.

This is a technique that I recently tried that adheres paper napkins to card stock. It’s just another way of creating patterned paper that is super easy and cheap! There are so many nice paper napkins for all occasions ~ baby/wedding showers, birthdays, holidays and pretty every day prints. This technique makes it easy to coordinate party or shower invitations with the party decorations.

You will need: paper napkin, thick card stock or water color paper, 2 pieces of thin paper {copy paper}, iron, ironing board or a thick towel. *Additional supplies may include patterned paper, adhesive and whatever embellishments/extras need to complete the intended design.



Only the top layer {the printed layer} is need so by pull away the extra layers of the napkin. How many layers are discarded depends on how many plys the napkin has.




Cut a piece of card stock larger than you need. It will be trimmed down later. Lay it on top of one of the pieces of copy paper. Cover with a piece of plastic wrap that is also a bit larger.



Lay the napkin face up on top of the plastic wrap making sure that the part of the napkin you want on the card is where it should be. Place the other piece of copy paper on top and use the “no steam” high heat setting on your iron to iron the napkin surface with firm pressure. *Be sure the iron does not come in contact with the plastic. Move the iron constantly over the entire surface~ about 30-40 seconds should do it. *Please note: depending on how hot your irons “high” setting is, check after about 20 seconds to see if the napkin is starting to stick.



Allow to cool completely before handling. It is now ready to cut down to size and use for your intended project.




I cut mine down to 4 1/4″ square, matted it on green card stock and adhered it to a 4 1/2″ square card base. I kept the finished card fairly simple by adding a ribbon knot, a sentiment and a few rhinestones to the snowflakes.





*I find that it’s best to use a thick card stock or water color paper as it gives more stability to the finished panel than regular card stock.

*Avoid using anything with moisture such as liquid glue or stickles. It can make the paper napkin bubble a bit.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks technique. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. See you next time!




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Until next time,


The Country Touch





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