Canned Snowmen

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing some “Canned Snowmen”. Blanket stitched stuffed cotton batting snowmen dusted with Dazzling Diamonds glitter are tucked inside canning jars. They have stitched eyes/mouths, wood carrot noses and twig arms. They are wearing cozy wool scarves and have peppercorn buttons down their bellies. In one of their twig arms, they hold either a rusty jingle bell, sparkly snowflake, snow balls or sheet music as they stands in a pile of glittery snow. Tags are tied around the jars with natural twine. Some of the tag sayings are “Let it snow!”, “Happy Winter!”, “NOEL” and more.


Please note:

*I will be doing a blog post to let everyone know when all of the winter/Christmas items are available at Sparkling Dahlia in Carstairs, Alberta.




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Until next time,


The Country Touch




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