Snowman Pokes

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of year again ~ time for snowmen! Today I am sharing these sweet little snowman pokes. They are done with 100% wool roving which is needle felted onto styrofoam balls. Each has a toque, scarf, wooden carrot nose, little black eyes, 3 black “coal” pieces down his belly {these are just supposed to look like coal}, a light dusting of fine glitter and a wooden dowel to sit on. They measure 12″ from the bottom of the dowel to the top of the toque. Add one of these little guys to a Christmas floral arrangement, a potted plant or a wreath for the holidays. Also, the dowels are easily removable should you choose to use these guys as bowl fillers.





Please note:

*I will be doing a blog post to let everyone know when all of the winter/Christmas items are available at Sparkling Dahlia in Carstairs, Alberta.



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Until next time,


The Country Touch




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