Technique Tuesday #25

Welcome to this weeks Technique Tuesday. In these posts I share a technique that can be applied to many forms of paper crafting ~ card making, scrapbooking, albums and tags. I alternate Technique Tuesday and Tuesday’s Tip just to change things up a bit.


Machine embossing provides a slightly raised and dimensional effect on paper. It gives that little extra to just about any paper crafting project. But how about going one step further and giving the raised areas a bit of shine or sparkle? This can be done with an embossing pen and embossing powder.
You will need: machine embossed paper or card stock, powder tool, embossing pen, clear embossing powder, heat tool.




As with all heat embossing, be sure to run the powder tool over the entire surface of the paper. Try to get it into the “valleys” of the machine embossing as well.




With the embossing pen, apply the ink to the raised areas that you want the embossing powder to stick to. *Please note: the ink in an embossing pen does not stay wet as long as the ink from a stamp pad. It works best to ink up small areas at a time and then sprinkle on the embossing powder. Then repeat this step until the desired area is inked up and the embossing powder is applied.




Pre-heat the heat tool before bringing it to the paper. Run it back and forth over the embossed area until the embossing powder is melted and shiny. It is now ready to use for any paper crafting project. *Please note: I just did the top portion of my piece of card stock so that you can hopefuly see the difference between what is and is not heat embossed.




*It is not neccesary to heat emboss the entire piece. Even little bits here and there with some shine will look very pretty.

*Try sparkle embossing powder for Christmas or wedding cards.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks technique. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. See you next time!




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Until next time,


The Country Touch




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