Handmade Holiday 2016 ~ Day #2

Hi everyone!

Welcome to day #2 of Handmade Holiday 2016. This can be such a busy and hectic time of year but I still enjoy giving something handmade and adding handmade touches to gifts for family and friends. Each day this week, I’ll share a quick Handmade Holiday idea for gift packaging, tags, gift card holders, place setting favors, recipes and more that will be sure to add that special handmade touch.

Day #2 ~ Paper Bows

These little bows will be the finishing touch to your holiday gift bags/boxes and treat containers. And they are very simple to make. You can whip up all you need in no time at all! Fill a pretty box with a bunch of them and add some matching tags for a thoughtful gift at this busy time of year.




You will need: paper {patterned or solid, depending on the look you are after}, envelope punch board, ruler, cutting tool of choice, bone folder, strong adhesive, embellishments.


*Please note: for my bows, I used both patterned and solid papers.



For each bow:

Cut the solid card stock: 1″ x 6″  {x1}

Cut the patterned paper: 1″ x 5″ {x2}





Round the corners on the solid strip and on one patterned strip.




For the second patterned strip, center vertically on the punch board and punch each end.




Center each strip {all 3} horizontally on the envelope punch board and punch each side. *Please note: I added 2 little pencil tick marks to line up the right ends of each piece to be sure they are being punched right in the centers ~ 1 {at 2.5″ from the center} for the 5″ pieces and 1 {at 3″ from the center} for the 6″ piece. These are easily erased when you are finished.




With the bone folder, gently curl the ends of the solid strip and the patterned strip with the rounded corners. This makes it easier when folding.




Apply adhesive to each end of these 2 pieces and match up the curves in the the center. Then adhere together the 3 layers on top of each other. Now you have a bow!

img_2660   img_2661



All that’s left is to add a pretty embellishement and it’s ready to add to a holiday package! 🙂





*Use a strong adhesive when creating these. This will ensure they don’t come apart. A thin layer of hot glue or double sided tape works well.

*Put a couple of small pieces of double sided tape on the back. The backing of the tape just needs to be removed and the bow is ready to stick on.

*Add a variety of embellishments to the centers ~ buttons, snowflakes, chipboard shapes, flowers, etc.

*These can be created for any occasion at any time of the year ~ just change the patterned papers.

*Here is another blog post with more uses for the Envelope Punch Board ~ https://thecountrytouch.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/tuesdays-tip-6/



*Please feel welcome to sign up as a follower to receives updates by email so you don’t miss a thing!



See you tomorrow for day #3!


The Country Touch

Website: http://www.thecountrytouch.weebly.com

Email: ctrytch@telus.net



4 comments on “Handmade Holiday 2016 ~ Day #2

  1. Scott says:

    Wow!!!! I’ll be making bows all day now. Thx for the informative post


  2. Kim HENDERSON says:

    This is great – I was just admiring these bows at Sparkling Dahlia yesterday. LOL I was wondering how you made them!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone



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