Technique Tuesday #29

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this weeks Technique Tuesday. In these posts I share a technique that can be applied to many forms of paper crafting ~ card making, scrapbooking, albums and tags. I alternate Technique Tuesday, Tuesday’s Tip and Tuesday’s Tag just to change things up a bit.

This week’s technique: FAUX STITCHING LINES.

Stitching lines is a very popular look in paper crafting these days. Today I want to share with you how to create faux stitching lines on card stock using a tracing wheel. These can be found in the sewing section of fabric/craft stores and are inexpensive. Typically, a tracing wheel is used in sewing to mark lines on fabric to ensure straight stitching.


You will need: card stock, tracing wheel, ruler, self healing mat or old magazine/note book {this is to achieve a good impression from the tracing wheel onto the card stock}. *Additional supplies may include adhesive and whatever embellishments/extras needed to complete the intended design.



Please note: It is a good idea to practice on card stock scraps to get an idea of the pressure needed to use with a tracing wheel before taking it to the specifically cut or a more expensive card stock.

Place the edge of the ruler where you want the faux stitching line to be. Starting on the mat and off of the card stock, firmly roll the tracing wheel along the rulers edge extending past the card stock. Important: without lifting the tracing wheel, roll it back along the edge again onto the mat. By not lifting the tracing wheel off of the card stock, this ensures that the marks end up in the same spot when you roll over them again.

img_3023 —> img_3024



This is how I used my faux stiched card stock.




*Faux stitching lines could go all the way around a card stock panel like a frame.

*Go over straight lines on patterned paper for some added interest.




I hope you enjoyed this weeks technique. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




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See you next Tuesday!


The Country Touch





2 comments on “Technique Tuesday #29

  1. I love the look of faux stitching! Great tutorial!


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