Tiny Treat Bag

Hi everyone!

There are a few different treat bag dies on the market these days. But since I don’t own any of them, I made one without. Creating this treat bag would have been faster with the die I’m sure. But it came together quickly and I’m still pleased with the way it turned out. Maybe you might want to give it a try as well! Treat bags can be used for many occasions ~ birthday parties, wedding/baby shower favors, kids class gift exchanges and more. They can be left either as plain or as dressed up as you want ūüôā




You will need: a 5 3/4″ ¬†x 8″ sheet of card stock or patterned paper, scoring board, bone folder, paper trimmer or cutting tools of choice, adhesive. *Additional supplies may include card stock/patterned paper and whatever stamps/embellishments/extras needed to complete the intended design.

‚ąóPlease note: you may click on the link underneath the picture¬†above for a PDF of these instructions.


Score¬†the paper¬†1/2″¬†up from¬†the bottom of the 8″ side. Then score it¬†at 2-1/8″ on both¬†of the 5 3/4″ sides.



Fold on the score lines and crease with a bone folder.



Along the bottom, cut off each bottom edge between the score lines. Slightly angle cut the corners of the bottom flap {this makes a cleaner looking fold}.



Cut along the top edge with decorative scissors or a border die {optional}. ‚ąóPlease note:¬† I used a small saucer and pencil to trace a curved line. Then with decorative scissors, cut along the traced line so that the front is just a bit lower than the back.



Apply adhesive along the inside edge of one of the side panels and on the inside of the bottom flap.



Fold over panel without adhesive and then fold over the panel with adhesive to adhere before folding up the bottom flap. Go over each fold with the bone folder¬†to ensure¬†nice crisp folds. There is your treat bag ~¬†now it’s time to decorate!

img_3060   img_3059



*Two holes could be punched at the top and ribbon or yarn threaded through for handles or to tie it shut.




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