Tuesday’s Tip #19

Hi everyone!

Welcome to today’s Tuesday’s Tip. These posts are tips about different products, crafting and also ways of stretching the supplies that you already may have. I alternate Tuesday’s Tip,  Technique Tuesday and Tuesday’s Tag just to change things up a bit.

Today I want to share with you how to reink Stampin’ Up! markers. These markers have a reservoir in the middle of the marker ~  that means that the ink gets to both the fine tip and the brush tip. That’s why it is so important to make sure that they are stored horizontally.  The markers hold the same water-based dye ink as the ink pads. So it is fine to refill them with the same reinker used to reink the stamp pads.




Use a folded paper towel or tissue to grab the brush tip end and pull it straight out.

img_3156 img_3157



Carefully and slowly, add a few of drops of reinker. Tap the marker up and down a few times on your work surface before replacing the brush tip end.




Give the marker a little squiggle on some scrap paper and replace the lid. Please note: depending on how dry your marker was before reinking will determine how many drops it takes. It is better to start with a few and add more one drop at a time until it is coloring well again. That’s it! Your marker should be working much better now.



I hope you enjoyed this weeks tip. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



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See you next Tuesday!


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2 comments on “Tuesday’s Tip #19

  1. Kim HENDERSON says:

    OMG I never knew you could do this !😬

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