Rag Garland Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today’s tutorial is for making a rag garland. Rag garlands are a fun and easy way to use up pieces of fabric that are just too small to be used for other projects. Depending on the fabrics that you use, they can be created for any room or season. A rag garland will look pretty draped above a head board, strung across a window, mantle, hutch or stair railings, and even as a decoration for a baby/wedding shower.

You will need: length of jute, yarn or ribbon {the length will determine how long you want the garland to be. Also, be sure to add at least an extra 12″ to the total length to allow for the hanging loops on each end, if you want them}, assorted cotton/flannel fabrics cut or torn into pieces about 5″ long by 1″ wide, rotary cutter/ruler/self healing mat or scissors.

#1} The amount of strips required for a garland depends on the desired finished length. I can’t give you an exact number of strips you will need but start with a good sized pile of them. You can always make more strips if you need them. Please note: the strips can be cut with scissors or with a rotary cutter/ruler/self healing mat. If you want a more rustic look, just tear them and you will end up with the frayed ends. To tear the strips, cut 1″ snips along the edge of the fabric{shown below}. This allows you to rip 1″ wide fabric widths and also results in a frayed edge. Cut the strips into 5″ long pieces.  Please note: separate the different fabrics into piles. This makes it easier when you start tying if they are semi-organized.




#2} Begin by making a loop on the first end of the jute. The loop can be as long as you want.



#3} Start tying the strips around the jute. The first strip will be beside the knot. Be sure the strips are touching so that no jute is showing. Keep tying on the fabric strips until your garland is as long as you want it. You can pull and discard any loose threads as you go.



#4} When you get close to the end, make another loop. Keep tying on strips until you reach the knot. If you find that some of the strips look uneven, you can snip little bits off of them until you are happy with how they all look. This garland turned out to be approximately 5 1/2′ long {not including the loops}.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s tutorial 🙂


Please note: a selection of rag garlands will be available at the Carstairs Artisan Market as well as on The Country Touch website very soon.




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Until next time!


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