Korker Ribbon

Hi everyone!

Today’s tutorial is for making korker ribbon. Korker ribbon is similar to ringlets in appearance and is typically used for little girls hair bows. However, I thought that it could also be used for paper crafting as well ~ bows for packages/gift bags, wedding/baby albums and even cards.

You will need: 3/8″ ribbon, 1/4″ dowels {no longer than the width of the oven}, clothespins or twine, cookie sheet, oven. Please note: you can use different widths of ribbon/dowels depending on the look you are going for. Also, if you don’t have any dowels, a wooden spoon works just fine ~ you just can’t get as much ribbon on it. I also used a narrow ribbon and wooden skewer to get a smaller corker ribbon.


  1. Preheat your oven to 275º F.
  2. Lightly dampen the ribbon with water.
  3. Place the ribbon at the top of the dowel and secure it in place with a clothespin/twine.
  4. While twisting the dowel with your right hand, guide the ribbon with your left hand thumb/forefinger onto the dowel. Be sure to not to leave spaces in between the ribbon or overlap it. The edges of ribbon should just be touching.
  5. Once you are at the end of the dowel, use the other clothespin/twine to secure the ribbon end.
  6. Lay the dowel/dowels on the edges of a cookie sheet and place on the middle rack. I rested the clothespins/dowel ends on the edges of the cookie sheet so the ribbon was not in direct contact with the sheet. I thought this might prevent scorching.


7.  Bake at 275º F for about 25 minutes. Watch closely and reduce temperature if necessary.    ∗Please note: because ovens do vary, you may have to adjust the temperature and baking time.

8.  Remove from oven and let cool completely before undoing the clothes pins/twine and sliding the ribbon off.

You now have korker ribbon! Please feel free to share what you create with it 🙂





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