Tuesday’s Tip #23

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Welcome to today’s Tuesday’s Tip. These posts are tips about different products, crafting and also ways of stretching the supplies that you already may have. I alternate Tuesday’s Tip,  Technique Tuesday and Tuesday’s Tag just to change things up a bit.

Today I want to share with you how using the Stampin’ Up! Stampin’ Pierce Mat {item # 126199 ~ page 183} will help to achieve better stamped images when using photopolymer {clear see-through} stamps. Quite often when stamping with photopolymer stamps, the image doesn’t stamp completely solid because there is no “give” to them like rubber/foam backed stamps. But by laying the paper to be stamped on a Stampin’ Pierce Mat and then stamping, you will get a smooth complete image. This is because there is now a little bit of cushion underneath. ∗Please note: if you are stamping an image that goes off the edges of the card stock, a scrap piece of paper laid on the mat will keep ink from getting on the mat. Or, if that doesn’t bother you, one side of the mat could be for piercing and the other for stamping.

Pictured below: the left image is without stamping on the mat and the right image is with the mat. It does make a bit difference to the quality of the stamped image. No matter the type of stamp you use, I recommend always giving the inked stamp a few seconds of pressure on the paper to nicely transfer the image.




∗Please note: If you do not have a Stampin’ Pierce Mat, you can also use a mouse pad or even a magazine/catalogue. So, you can not only do paper piercing with this product, it will also help you with your stamping! It’s always nice to get multiple uses from one product 🙂



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