Christmas in July 2017 ~ Day #3

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Christmas in July! Each Monday during the month of July 2017, there will be a post with a Christmas project designed to help you get a head start on the busy upcoming holiday season. There will be a variety of items ~ from gift packaging to home décor. You might even get some gift ideas for the special people on your list. Thank you for joining me today 🙂

This week’s project: Pinecone Wreath

A wreath is such an easy way to brighten up a front door, fireplace mantle, entry way mirror or any other spot that needs a cozy holiday touch. You can even get the kids involved by going pinecone hunting then upcycling those pinecones into a wreath. ∗Please note: I would advise letting the pinecones sit in a single layer {for example, on a tray or cookie sheet} in the garage or shed for a while before bringing them into the house. This will reduce the likelihood of little crawlies coming into your home. It also ensures the cones are thoroughly dry.

You will need: wreath form {∗Please note: this can be a Styrofoam, wire form or a circle of flat cardboard with a circle cut out of the center, like I did for mine}, pinecones, hot glue gun/glue sticks, silicone mat or paper to protect your work surface, ribbon, glitter/embellishments{optional}.

∗Please note: glue guns get extremely hot! Please take care when using one to avoid burning yourself and it’s recommended  to keep them away from children.



Starting around the edge of the inside circle, place and hot glue the pinecones. Then gradually work your way around and out towards the outside of the base. Fill in empty spaces as needed. The wreath can be as deep as you want it to be. The main thing is to make sure that there are no empty spots where the base will show through.




Once you are satisfied with the pinecone placements, check the entire wreath for glue “strings” {those pesky fibers of glue that seem to stretch from one spot to another}. Now it’s time to decorate. The wreath can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be. This one is pretty simple as I just added some faux berries, a burlap bow and some sheer ribbon for hanging. I am considering tucking some fresh evergreen sprigs into it closer to Christmas as I think the green would look nice with the berries. What do you think? 🙂





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See you next Monday for another Christmas in July project!


The Country Touch




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