Framed Chalk Board Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today’s project is a DIY framed chalk board. Chalk boards can be used for more than just the classroom. You can use a chalkboard to write to-do lists, weekly menus, shopping lists and inspirational quotes. Plus, they can be as large or as small as you want. So, if you have a picture frame that you’re not using or want to pick one up at a dollar store or thrift store, you can easily turn it into a useful chalkboard for any where in your home.

You will need: picture frame {glass removed}, chalk board sheet or chalk board paint, card stock, cutting tool of choice, adhesive, sand paper/paint/soft cloth/brush {optional if painting the frame}. ∗Please note: chalk board paint is also available. I have seen it at Home Depot and some local dollar stores also carry it. I haven’t used this product but the instructions for it are on the containers.

#1} Carefully remove the backing and the glass from the frame. If you have chosen to paint the frame, sand the surface and wipe off the dust with a cloth {cheesecloth works great for this} before painting.

#2} Cut a piece of card stock to fit on the frame backing. Cut the chalk board sheet the same size as the card stock.



#3} Adhere the chalk board sheet to the card stock. The chalk board sheets that I bought were self adhesive. If not self adhesive, be sure to use a dry glue such as double sided tape or tape runner instead of liquid glue which could cause the chalk board sheet to bubble.

#4} Adhere the chalk board panel to the frame backing. I just used a glue dot in each corner. This is to keep it from shifting in the frame but can easily be removed from the frame backing later on if necessary.



#5} Replace the backing in the frame and you’re done! You’re chalkboard is ready for all sorts of writing 🙂  When you’re ready to write something new, simply wipe off the chalk with a soft cloth.




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The Country Touch




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